Well all the painting went up and the ceramics looked great under glass, and now they are all down and looking for new homes. Particularly the Mandala paintings, cards and calendars will turn up in some Sunshine Coast shops, cafes and bars, just keep your eyes peeled. The Exhibition went well, we had 1900 people come through! Now looking forward to chilling out over the Xmas/New Year break, but I’ll probably be back at it asap in the art room paint brush in hand and clay dribblings down the front of me. Can’t stop the flow!

The last artwork to come down, different from the rest, but same in philosophy and heart, that we all must stay connected and CARE, not to mention the quirky approach to an environmental statement (every item is rubbish found in our waterways). In reference to Australia’s and the Planet’s Great Barrier Reef, titled “Our Reef Remade”

Jude and my exhibition came down, and another great exhibition went up in the same day. So for those of you who love and appreciate great art, the creative forces and Sunshine Coast’s shining talent, go check it out. It is a brilliant exhibitions of a collective of artworks from a group of very talented 2nd and 3rd year students from Nambour TAFE’s Bachelor of Visual Arts. A mix of ceramics, sculpture, paintings, prints, and installation art. But hurry, it’s only on until December 15.


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