It’s here! Been a long time in the coming, research and literal ‘test driving’, but MANDAGNETS are now available!!

MANDAGNETS – Auto/Appliance Magnets. Magnets for your Car or Household Whitegoods painted and sealed on tough auto-grade magnetic sheeting. 2 years later and mine is as good as the day it went on the bonnet of my cars. I painted a Mandala onto the bonnet of my daughter’s car a number of years ago and so many friends were interested, but it makes the selling of the car difficult, so NOW…. Beautiful, unique, original, handpainted art that you can swap from car to car to fridge or whatever magnetic surface needs brightening up or personalising. EASY!

Also a new addition getting attention and going from strength to strength…

SPINDALAS – Mandala Vinyls, upcyled unplayable records creating true keepsakes of memorabilia. Some samples here before they left the studio table.

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